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WCSD Passes Irrigation Ordinance

WCSD Board of Directors passed Ordinance 15-02 restricting customers to irrigating turf and ornamental landscape no more than 2 days per week.  The ordinance was passed at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on June 24th, 2015.  The ordinance provides details regarding, days to water, exemptions, and enforcement that was not included in the Resolution 15-03 which was passed on May 27th, 2015 initiating the restriction.  The restriction comes as a mandatory action required by the State Water Board emergency regulations that were passed recently as well.

The full Ordinance will run in the Trinity Journal on July 8th, 2015.  It may also be downloaded here as well.  We have hard copies available for viewing or pickup at the District Office at 716 Main St. or our staff can mail a copy upon request.

Any questions or comments regarding the restrictions can be emailed to staff at wcsd@weavervillecsd.com or call us at (530) 623-5051.